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3Ship.Cruises introduces an innovative, sustainable, and financially viable concept for the tourism sector, particularly in the cruising and broader shipping industry. The experience of cruise line travel will be transformed to prioritize eco-friendliness without compromising on comfort.

The "3Ship.Cruises" initiative presents a forward-thinking approach designed to enhance the sustainability of the cruise shipping industry. Spearheaded by Österreichischer Lloyd, a shipping company with a rich heritage and extensive experience, this project marks a significant step toward eco-friendly maritime operations. As a co-initiator, Österreichischer Lloyd leverages its deep-rooted history and expertise to guide this venture towards success.

This endeavor aims to establish a benchmark project in the tourism sector, with a particular focus on cruises and the broader shipping industry. It envisions a transformation in maritime travel, embracing a multifaceted strategy that includes the adoption of natural propulsion methods, the integration of technological advancements for greener operations, and the protection of marine ecosystems. Additionally, the project places a strong emphasis on respecting the unique qualities of each destination, promoting equality, and ensuring equitable success for all stakeholders involved.

By reimagining the conventional paradigms of ship travel, "3Ship.Cruises" is poised to introduce a new era of environmentally conscious and socially responsible cruising. This initiative not only aims to preserve our oceans and marine life but also seeks to enrich the cruise experience for passengers by making it more sustainable and harmonious with the natural world.

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"3Ship Österreichischer Lloyd Cruises Ltd.," a key entity within the Österreichischer Lloyd Shipping Group, epitomizes the commitment to fostering sustainable practices within the cruise industry through the pioneering "3ship.Cruises" lighthouse project. This company consolidates all of Österreichischer Lloyd's managerial expertise, specifically tailored for this initiative, encompassing profound knowledge in ship construction, alongside technical and commercial management of maritime operations.

Sustainability, the 17 SDG´s

The catamarans harness wind and solar power and are constructed from entirely sustainable materials. The cuisine onboard is sourced regionally, adhering to a CO2-neutral philosophy in all aspects. The crew actively participates in local sustainability initiatives at destination ports, ensuring no waste is left behind. The adherence to sustainable practices is rigorously overseen by MMC e.V., with a special focus on meeting the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Travel around the world

The voyages scheduled for 2025, now open for reservations for up to 10 guests, navigate to some of the most picturesque islands and bays. Spanning 20 prime destinations, these trips offer a week-long array of sporting activities such as diving, snorkeling, kiting, and surfing, in addition to cycling explorations. Immersing in the local culture and connecting with the inhabitants of the travel destinations on a personal level is an integral component of the experience. Ayurveda Tourism serves as the tour operator for these adventures.

Technology & luxury

The latest advancements in environmental technology, energy generation and storage, along with IT innovations including Web3.0 avatars for onboard systems, are integral to the equipment and logistics strategy. Future constructions of additional vessels will incorporate cutting-edge sustainable technological innovations. Expert partners are engaged to ensure luxury, security, and sustainability are at the forefront of these developments.

The Investment-Process

The vessels featured in this project are sailing catamarans, crafted by the SUNREEF Yards shipyard located in Gdansk, Poland. Investors are presented with a unique opportunity to secure an exclusive share in MMC 1 Cruises Ltd., the shipping and investment firm spearheading this venture, thereby gaining a stake in the project's success. The plan is to limit the investment group to a maximum of 20 stakeholders, who will own a fleet of 3 ships. These investors will have access to owner’s cabins on board. MMC 1 Cruises Ltd. has appointed Österreichischer Lloyd as its ship management partner.

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